We strongly suggest/recommend Interior design Engineering Department of TIU to all applicants, the rationale behind our suggestion/recommendation is that.

  1. We offer European standard curriculum which is accredited by ZEVA Accreditation Program.
  2. We offer high standard education with internationally professional teaching academics in both practical courses that are taught in large drawing halls that contains all tools for teaching and also theoretical classes.
  3. Our curriculum is rich with many courses which will enable graduate’s to work in many different field such as, landscape designer, interior designer, graphic designer…
  4. We offer the Graduates an appreciation of the premium standards for interior design education.
  5. We guarantee that the Graduates will have the ability to design with emphasis on the human and built environment relationship.
  6. We prepare the students for future professional careers in the local market and the region.
  7. We offer such activities and competitions that can be useful to graduates after graduation such as NICE competition and also student project exhibition
  8. We provide the Graduates an appreciation of the ethical responsibilities towards the society.We offer MA/MSc programs to the graduates.
  9. We provide a conducive environment to the Graduates to interact with a variety of working teams and in multiple environments.