National Workshop: Earthquake Is a NATURAL Phenomenon

The Interior Design Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University organized a National Workshop entitled Earthquake Is a Natural Phenomenon on February 16th, 2023. The workshop was presented by Dr. Hassan Hassoon AlDefi and aimed to bring together engineers from various engineering departments, specialists, environmentalists, and staff from other departments to participate in an interactive discussion and share ideas on how to prevent damage to buildings during earthquakes.

The workshop focused on different ways in which earthquakes occur and the various engineering solutions and ideas to prevent their damages. The experts and engineers in attendance sought to discover solid recommendations for the solution of earthquake side effects by installing earthquake structural resistant engineering systems and other ways to protect the environment and humans from earthquakes. The workshop provided a platform for participants to discuss and exchange ideas on the effects of earthquakes, and possible ways to mitigate the damage caused by this natural phenomenon.

Workshop Objectives:

1-To explain what earthquake is.

2-To facilitate that the planet earth is a dynamic and live system.

3-To explain the geology of the earth.

4-To discuss the tectonic nature of the earth crust.

5-To explain the principles of the Richter Scale

6-Earthquakes forecasts are they possible?

7- Our belief and earthquakes.

8- The side-effects of earthquakes.

9-Safe Building Design, Construction, and earthquakes.