Site visit to Final Long Technic Company May 2024

On May 13, 2024, third-grade students from the Civil Engineering department, accompanied by Ms. Suraiya Shaffi and Mr. Muhammad Kany, paid a visit to Final Long Technic Company, a recycling factory located on Gwer Road in Erbil. This visit was organized as part of their course on Sustainability for Civil Engineering.
During the visit, the students were given a tour by the factory engineer, Er. Aymen, who provided insights into the impact of sustainability on the planet, with a specific focus on plastic bottle recycling. Er. Aymen elaborated on the various steps involved in the recycling process, emphasizing the importance of reducing plastic usage and protecting the environment to create a more sustainable world.
The engineer demonstrated how used plastic bottles are collected and transported to the factory, and the employees showcased the sorting, washing, and resizing procedures. This firsthand experience offered valuable insights into the recycling of plastic bottles and underscored the significance of sustainability in our society and globally.
The site visit served as an enlightening experience for the students, inspiring them to act. They have pledged to raise awareness among their peers and the community about the importance of recycling, contributing to the collective effort towards a more sustainable future.