On (09/05/2024) the Department of Civil Engineering recently hosted a transformative seminar led by motivational speaker, Mr. Reman. Aimed at third-year students, the seminar focused on instilling perseverance and determination in aspiring engineers. Through captivating storytelling and interactive discussions, Mr. Reman emphasized the significance of resilience and innovation in the pursuit of excellence. Attendees left the seminar motivated and ready to conquer challenges in their academic and professional journeys. The seminar provided a valuable opportunity for students to gain insights from Mr. Reman’s extensive experience and wisdom. Attendees actively participated in discussions, exchanging ideas and strategies for overcoming obstacles in their field. Mr. Reman’s engaging presentation style kept the audience captivated throughout the event. The Department of Civil Engineering is committed to organizing similar seminars to foster a culture of inspiration and growth among its students. Through initiatives like these, the department aims to equip future engineers with the skills and mindset needed to make a positive impact in the world.