On (07/05/2024) the first-grade students of the Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University recently had a delightful breakfast gathering with their esteemed lecturers at Sami Abdulrahman Park. This delightful outdoor venue provided the perfect environment for fostering friendship and building connections between students and department members in a relaxed setting. Over plates of delicious food and steaming cups of tea, students had the invaluable opportunity to engage in casual conversations with their lecturers, gaining insights, sharing experiences, and building relationship that extends beyond the classroom.

The breakfast at Sami Abdulrahman Park served as more than just a meal; it was a memorable occasion that strengthened the sense of community within the Civil Engineering Department. As students and lecturers mixed among the peaceful surroundings of the park, bonds were forged, and barriers were bridged, laying the foundation for a supportive learning environment. The event not only provided a refreshing start to the day but also emphasized the importance of collaboration and mentorship in fostering academic growth and personal development among future civil engineers.