Staff exchange with Potsdam University

TIU delegation paid a visit to Potsdam University for the aim of accomplishing the Religious Mapping of Erbil Project, which focuses on Religious and Cultural Diversity, and the religious mapping of Erbil. This project was first initiated in March 2018 and was successfully completed this month. It was carried out in collaboration with Potsdam University in Germany, Tishk International University, Salahaddin University, and Catholic University in Erbil, and was funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). The Religious Mapping of Erbil Project resembles a research project about history and foundation, architectural and congregation structures, community group activities, and public relations of the mosques and churches in Erbil.

At Tishk International University, staff and students who participated in the project have written 21 articles which are included in the official website of Religious Mapping of Erbil ( and will be published in print as a book once the editing process is completed.

The exchange program, held from 26th November 2021 to December 4th, 2021, were in fact full-day workshops and training on various topics. This included introductory sessions regarding the whole program, discussion on the website of the Religious Mapping of Erbil project, and discussions on the “Ferman 74” book including genocide towards Yezidis, which has been written and published by Potsdam University academics within the collaboration of Duhok University.

On December 1, 2021, the official website of Religious Mapping of Erbil’s launch was held in Potsdam University with the participation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq in Berlin, Lukman Faily, as well as the academics and the students at Potsdam University, Tishk International University, Catholic University, Duhok University, and the representatives of the Yazidi community in Germany. Dr. Mohammed Abdulghani, the Project Coordinator at TIU and Lecturer at the Computer Engineering Department, also contributed to the event and delivered a presentation of Religious Mapping of Erbil.

The participants had the opportunity to visit the Center for German Military History and Social Sciences “Zentrum für Militärgeschichte und Sozialwissenschaften Zeppelinstraße”, and the Pergamon Museum for Antique Art of the Middle East. The program involved many other activities including a meeting on university website ranking and IT services solutions and attending a live concert “Saints Peter und Paul Church” in Potsdam.

The delegations who attended the program reported that exchanging ideas, observing, and experiencing different cultures promoted their perspectives and wish to be part of further activities and projects in the near future.


Mr.Ali Bala,ELT Department

Dr.Mohamed Abdulghani, Vice Dean of Engineering

Mrs.Emine Bala, ELT Department

Mr.Ahmed Nadhmi, Computer Engineering Department