The Third International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design ICAD 2021

The Architecture and Interior Design Departments/Faculty of Engineering (TIU) are organizing the 3rd International Conference on Architecture & Interior Design (ICAD 2021) in the city of Erbil, Kurdistan, Iraq. The event will be conducted on 9th -10th of November 2021, under the theme of ‘Education and Practice in Architecture’. The aim of the conference is to gather and unite researchers, professors, practitioners, educators, Architecture, and Interior Design Students with interests in Architectural areas, at all levels from regional and international universities worldwide. The conference consists of keynote speakers, panelists, and a theme comprising of twelve tracks. Global invitations will be sent to authors to present their work and findings within the following areas of research:

Design Studio Management

Academic Norms in Teaching Architecture

Cultural Aspects of Architectural Education

The Role of Syllabus in Creative Thinking

Continuing Education and Architecture

Educational Environment in Architecture and İnterior Design

Collaborative Learning and Working Behaviors in Architecture

Economic Growth in Architecture and İnterior Design

Islamic Architecture in Contemporary Practice

Building İnformation Modelling (BIM)

Sustainability Assessment Tools

Architecture and Technology

To access the ICAD2021 details, kindly visit the following link: