The Dean of Faculty, Dr. Khalid Wooral, joined an online industry forum on September 28th-0ctober 1st, 2020. Over 4 days, more than 120 engineering and technology leaders from 25 countries, across 5 continents, gathered online in the first virtual GEDC-Industry Forum.

The first day of the GEDC-Industry Conference was held on September 28th, 2020. Leading engineering and technology employers, alongside deans from across the globe, were invited to participate in the forum, to share knowledge and good practice, as well as develop and prepare the next generation of engineering education and leaders. They communicated via Zoom during the event, exchanging ideas and concepts on possible approaches to adapt engineering education to a changing, innovative world. You may access the entire program through the following link: (

This edition of the GEDC Industry Forum organized by the GEDC, Petrus, and McMaster University Faculty of Engineering, has the most participants in its three-year history. This conference creates the opportunity for an influential and meaningful dialogue to take place among all participants allowing their collective knowledge and experience to be leveraged and concrete solutions to real-world problems to be elaborated. Each event is inspired by a concept paper that explores current issues impacting innovation and skills in engineering education.

Building on 3 highly successful events to date, engineering and technology leaders from the private sector and education, NGOs, and the government will gather over 4 days to reflect, exchange, and propose solutions to critical issues in a unique, interactive format allowing every voice to be heard, and every idea expressed.

The GEDC Industry Forum leverages collective knowledge and experience, developing an influential, meaningful dialogue among participants. From socially conscious engineering and ethics to micro-credentials and open innovation, the content, and ideas that emerge from the event address the most important issues of our time. You can access resources here (Click Here). Highlights video from the forum: short The official web site of GEDC.