Civil engineering department of Tishk International International University (TIU) with support of ACI Iraq chapter applied for getting approval to form TIU student chapter. The letter of approval was replied from ACI by 26th June 2019.


It was the first time that one of the Iraqi universities can form ACI student chapter. The chapter is officially named as Tishk International International University ACI student chapter. TIU ACI student chapter will be a platform to gather students of civil engineering from Iraqi Universities and makes them to have more interest on concrete through organizing concrete competitions.

TIU presidency would like to thank the ACI Iraq chapter and specially Dr. Ali Attiyah, executive director of ACI Iraq Chapter, Prof. Dr. Omar Qarani, the chair of students activities committee at Iraq Chapter, Barham Haidar Ali, advisor of the chapter, Prof. Dr. Bayan Salim, Professor in TIU civil engineering department and Bnar Abubakr for her active role in forming the chapter. The link for the TIU ACI student chapter is mentioned in the link:

executive director of ACI Iraq Chapter
chair of students activities committee at Iraq Chapter
advisor of the chapter
Professor in TIU civil engineering department

ACI is standing for American concrete institute is founded in 1904 and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA.  ACI is a leading authority and resource worldwide for the best use of concrete. ACI has over 98 chapters, 146 student chapters, and nearly 30000 members spanning over 120 countries.

Presidency also would like to thank the founder of the chapter who are students from TIU:

Bnar AbuBakir Ameen
Haval Kawa Wasman
Omed Dewary Ali
Samih Sdiq Salih
Gulistan Sulhi Abdulmanaf
Hunar Kurdo Khudhur
Iman Hassan Muhamadameen
Abdulla Jawhar Ahmad
Zakariya Najat Rafeeq
Lirakhan Kawa Karim
Aweza Ghazi Hamad
Aya Ameer Qadir
Muhammad Mahmud Kany
Shayma Salam Ahmad
Bilal Fuad Mohammed
Danas Hussein Ismail
Rekar Othman Nigari
Mohammed Nihad Ahmad
Rayan Rizgar Younis
Aram Xoshnaw Hawro
Bilal Farhan Taha
Safaa Bayan Salim
Fatima Najmadin Abdulghafur

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