National Seminar: Intertextual In Design

On April 22 at 3 PM, the seminar titled “Intertextual in Design,” organized by the Interior Design Department and presented by Mrs. Aya Shukri, delved into the intricate realm of intertextuality within the field of design. Intertextuality, a concept originating from literary theory, explores the interconnectedness and influence between texts, where one text references or draws upon another to create layers of meaning. In the context of interior design, this seminar likely examined how designers incorporate diverse cultural, historical, and artistic references into their work, weaving together various narratives and influences to enrich the spatial experience.

Ms. Aya likely discussed how intertextuality serves as a tool for designers to infuse their projects with depth, resonance, and a sense of continuity, fostering a dynamic dialogue between past and present, tradition and innovation. By exploring the multifaceted relationships between texts and the ways in which they intersect within design practice, participants likely gained insights into the creative process and the transformative potential of intertextual design approaches.

At the conclusion of the seminar, Ms. Aya expressed gratitude to all the participants for their attendance and engagement. She thanked them for their insightful contributions and thoughtful questions, which enriched the discussion on intertextuality in design. Additionally, she extended her appreciation to the Interior Design Department for organizing the event and providing the platform for sharing knowledge and fostering dialogue within the design community.