On 22nd of February 2021, Tishk International University, Faculty of Engineering organized a field trip for students of the Interior Design Department to the STAR towers Project located in Bakhtiary, Erbil. The field trip contributed to enhancing the practical aspects of the students’ specialization before stepping towards the professional world as Interior Designers. The visitation is also beneficial for the students’ redesign project in the Professional Practice Course supervised by Ms. Stran Star.

The Project Manager and Architect Mr. Karzan Abdulla welcomed students on the site and introduced different phases of the project including the use of materials and project costs. He talked about the importance of different materials in residential towers to construct efficient and safe residential buildings. Students measured and investigated different spaces on the site to widen their knowledge of space requirements, materials, lighting, views…ect.

The Professional Practice Course is designed to develop the project management that students learn in theory and apply in on the field. It helps students identify the main elements in Interior Design and improve their project management skills, providing the students an opportunity to analyze their professional abilities and broaden their way of thinking. As part of the new pedagogical edupreneurship, this course also equips students and creates a bridge between them and stakeholders to fill the gaps of the job market.