TIU Holds 9th International Engineering Conference (IEC2023) In Collaboration with IEEE Iraq Section

Tishk International University and Erbil Polytechnic University hosted the 9th International Engineering Conference (IEC2023) on February 15th-16th, 2023. IEC2023 is technically sponsored by IEEE and IEEE Iraq Section. The conference aimed to disseminate research findings and provide a platform for scholars to debate and exchange ideas on the developments in the field of engineering. The accepted papers will be indexed by IEEE Xplore Digital Library Database. The conference provides our graduate students a chance to establish communication with experienced researchers to discuss their current work and be engaged in future research topics and new opportunities.

The program committee comprised 90 members, of which 85% hold Ph.D. in various engineering fields relevant to one or more conference topics mentioned above. The conference adhered to the international conference standards in accordance with the guidelines agreed upon with our IEEE technical partners and in line with the regulations laid out by the Kurdistan ministry of higher education. All paper submissions were double-blind peer-reviewed by at least two program committee members to ensure that submissions conform to specific quality measures. The quality measures included criteria such as Relevance and Timeliness, Novelty and Originality, Technical Content and Correctness, Quality of Presentation, References used in the paper, Written Language, Reviewer Expertise, and Overall Recommendation.

This year, the total number of submitted manuscripts stood at 53, with authors from several countries including Iraq, Oman, France, Jordan, Cyprus, Syria, Malaysia, Jordan, the Philippines, Poland, and the USA. The conference includes six tracks: 

1. Computer Engineering and Information Technology 

2. General Engineering and Applications

3. Digital and Wireless Communication

4. Construction Engineering 

5. Environmental and Hydraulic Engineering

6. Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering

The Computer Engineering & Information Technology field received a total of 16 papers, and 12 were accepted. In General Engineering and Applications, 8 papers out of 12 were accepted. In Digital & Wireless Communication, 5 papers were accepted out of 2. Construction Engineering, on the other hand, 19 papers got accepted out of 9. In the Environmental and Hydraulic Engineering fields, 6 of the 8 papers received were accepted. Lastly, the Geotechnical and Transportation Engineering track 6 papers were accepted out of 10. Some papers were either rejected after the review process or withdrawn due to the inability of the paper to pass basic pre-review checks, e.g., plagiarism, outside of conference scope and so on.

The rate of acceptance was 76.5%, while 53 papers were accepted and presented. Erbil Polytechnic and Tishk International University are grateful to all prospective presenters for their valuable contributions that will bring new perspectives on the Civil and Computer Engineering developments to Kurdistan Region.

This year, the conference had the opportunity to host distinguished keynote speakers in different fields. Firstly, Dr. Raad Azzawi, an Associate Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas, USA, gave a keynote speech on “Green Construction and Sustainability using modified Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation”.

The second keynote speaker was Dr. Hakem Beitollahi, an Assistant Professor at Iran University of Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran, whose topic was “Two Partially Reconfigurable Architectures for Efficient Implementation of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs). The third keynote speaker was Dr. Rafah Rasheed Abdulmajeed, a lecturer at Erbil Technical Engineering College, Erbil Polytechnic University, with the topic “Previous Concrete Pavement”The last keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Qahhar Muhammed Qadir, an Assistant Professor in Computer Engineering at the University of Kurdistan Hawler (UKH), on the topic entitled “Low Power Wide Area Networks; Promising Technologies for IoT Applications”.

On behalf of Tishk International University, we sincerely thank our sponsors, Clever Scientific Company and Empire World, for contributing to this event.