We enjoy competition. We enjoy challenges. If a challenge is in front of us and it appeals to us, we go ahead and conquer it.

This is the slogan of Civil Engineering Department at TIU. To make the students competitive, active, link the theoretical study to the modeled structure, brain storming ideas, quick analysis of a structure, and working in teams, the department organized a Marsh – mellow competition on December 20, 2022.The competition was open for 2nd and 3rd  grade students, about 32 students participated from both the grades. The students made structures from spaghetti and later the marsh-mellow load was checked for the stability of the structures. The students were divided into groups consisting of 4 students each. The students were also supervised by the lecturers, professors, research assistants and the Head of the department. Following groups were the top three in the competition:

  1. Group Alfa: Hakar, Laso, Avreen, Ahmad Kamaran and Ahmad Hamza
  2. Group Ramyar: Ramyar, Bilal, Didan and Darun
  3. Group Lion: Omar, Abdul Hadi, Ahmad Farhan, Yousif and Lawand

Appreciation gifts were presented to the winning groups by the Head and lecturers of the department as a token of love and appreciation at the end of competition.