On the 4th of October 2018, under the theme title of project-based learning (PBL) in the faculty of engineering, Tishk International  University, Erbil, a workshop was held. The workshop was presented by four instructors from different Iraqi universities.

          Firstly prof. Dr. Nabil Adel (QA unit in Saladin university), started by defining the quality assurance and the quality control and comparing them.

The second section was presented by prof. Fatima (Knowledge University). She explained the techniques and tools and how to apply it in the education process at universities.

The third section was presented by prof. Dr. Bayan (Civil Eng., Tishk International  University), analyzed problems and properties of PBL and how the system applied in world universities.

The 4th section was presented by prof. Dr. Mohammed, who attended by the online workshop from Canada, explained PBL, and its details and how to apply PBL in universities 

The workshop has been attended by the academic staff the engineering faculty and interested students.

FINAL poster