On the 5th of Jun 2018, a delegation of Tishk International University from the Dean of Engineering Faculty has visited University of Soran. The aim of the visit was to strengthen the academic relationship between Tishk International University and Soran University. Tishk International delegation invited Soran university academic staff to participate in the coming International Engineering Conference  (IEC) in February, 2019 and International Conference on Architecture and Interior Design (ICAD) in October 2019.

The delegation put headlines of future academic collaboration which were welcomed by Soran University. Our university delegation consisted of: Dr. Dzankurt (Director of Master Program), Dr. Khalid Wooral (Dean of Engineering Faculty), and Mr. Haval Sami (Head of Interior Design Department).  Welcome delegation of Soran University consisted of Dr. Sherwan Sharif (Dean of Engineering Faculty), Mr. Aryanfar H. Sherwani (Head of Civil Engineering Department) and Mr. Jagar A. Ali (Head of Petroleum Engineering Department).

Soran University hosted our delegation diligently and kindly. The University president stated their appreciation for this visit. They discussed the opportunities to bring in for a good collaboration in education and conferences, workshops and activities between the universities. They accepted our invitation for the conferences mentioned above in Tishk International University (IEC and ICAD). They ensured to inform their faculty colleagues and encourage them to join.