As a part of the continues development, Tishk International University is currently in the Preparation Phase for the International Accreditation Procedure of two Academic Bachelor Degrees Programs in Computer Engineering and Information Technology.

In this regard, on May 17, 2018, a delegation from ZEvA (A German Accreditation Agency) represented by Dr. Jurgen Petersen (the Head of Division for Institutional Accreditation) and Ms. Didar Al-Dawdi (the Project Officer for the International Affairs) visited Tishk International University and held a meeting with Dr. Idris Hadi Salih (the Head of the Board of Trustees), Dr. Mehmet Ozdemir (the Vice-President of Academic Affairs) and the Members of the Accreditation Committee of Tishk International University. The meeting started with a presentation about Tishk International University by Dr. Idris and continued with another presentation about ZEvA and the Accreditation Procedure by Dr. Petersen. Then some points related to the procedure and the self-report were discussed and well clarified. Also, the timeline of the procedure was determined.

Knowing that the Bachelor Degree Program of Civil Engineering at Tishk International University was granted with the International Academic Accreditation Certificate without any condition for Five Years by ZeVA on March 2017.