On the 7th of May 2018, under the theme of “Toward Internationalizing Tishk International University Conference” in College of Engineering, Tishk International University, Erbil, a workshop was held.

The workshop was presented on ACM Iraqi chapter membership and its advantages, it’s impact on university ranking and accreditation, and how to get the sponsorship of ACM for Tishk International conference, and it’s help in publishing the conference proceeding and finally on the main steps and tasks that Tishk International University should do so that any Tishk International conferences can get approval and support from ACM.

The presenters were prof. Dr. Abdukareem Ali (Faculty of Engineering, Basrah University) and Assist. Prof. Dr. Ali Ahmed Abe (Faculty of Engineering, Basrah University).

The attendances from Tishk International University were: Dr. Khalid Wooral (Dean of Engineering Faculty), Dr. Selcuk Cankurt (Director of Master Program), Dr. Saman Mirza Abdullah (Lecturer – Computer Engineering Department), Assist. Prof. Dr. Hassan Hasson (Lecturer – Architectural Engineering Department), Dr. Behcet Celik (Lecturer – ELT Department) and Dr. Sameer (QA Unit), made discussions with the presenters aimed at getting support from ACM on future Tishk International University conferences.