On 3rd of January 2017 a seminar entitled “Preparing Technical Reports for a Better Society in Engineering” was held for Faculty of Engineering and Science academics by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş. The main pint of the seminar was “technical reports” for the university, accordingly it was necessary to define and give explanation about the term of technical report.

A report is a mean of communication that has been written for a specific purpose and is aimed at a specific audience. It is more structured than an essay and is presented in a way that enables it to be read quickly. Technical background report considered the most frequently written type of technical reports. It provides detail about a particular topic. What it contains is enough information to enable a particular audience to use the information for their own needs. For instance, if a group of engineers were looking to build a dam they would need details of the time scale involved and the force of the waves but not detailed pages of wave theory.

We could classify reports to the following:

1 Technical–background report

2 Instruction Leaflets and Manuals

3 Feasibility Report

4 Primary Research Report

5 Technical Specifications

The character of technical reports:

– It deals with specific situation

– It enables readers to act

– It is interactive

–  It has a definite purpose

– Its practical part is more important than theoretical.

According to points mentioned above technical reports could be classified as a group of solutions and calculations provided as result of studying the case problem.