Spaghetti competition was held by Civil Engineering Department at Tishk International University. The competition was spectacular between ambitious groups. Ten groups attended the competition, the groups compete between each other according to the heaviest load that can be carried by their spaghetti bridge. The bridge which has the first place carried 78 kg load, the one which has the second place carried 58 kg load, and the one which has third place carried 30 kg. 78 kg has been the national record among these kind of spaghetti competitions in Kurdistan. The groups which have the first, second and third places will compete as a representative of Tishk International University against other representatives at Suleymaniyah University on 6th may. It will be the national competition between universities in Kurdistan. The members at the first group at Tishk International University believe that their bridge will carry more than 78 kg at the national competition, who knows, it may come true.