The Dean of Students Office at Tishk International University (TIU) organized the 6th International Festival of Language, Culture and Science at the TIU campus under the theme of “women empowerment” with the participation of general consulates, parents, students, staff, and guests, held on Wednesday, March 8th, 2023.

The festival aimed to raise support for women’s empowerment. The festival comprised 28 tents each representing a country, 21 scientific tents from TIU departments, 14 tents of alumni start-up business owners, 9 tents of, 6 tents of NGOs for the disabled, 4 nations including Kurdish, Arabic, Turkmen, and Christian, and other tents for food fundraising, art exhibitions, and many entertainments game.

And as Interior Design Department we participated in Country tends representing China, as well as organizing an Exhibition following the main theme of the festival which was “women empowerment”, the aim was showing the women’s empowerment through the designs and the works that the assistant lectures and students did and the students explained all about the China country also with the presents of different delicious Chinese foods for the visitors while everyone was enjoying seeing students’ projects and the organized stuffs of tents . All the furniture used in the exhibition was reused materials made by the students and supervised by lecturers and research assistants.