Tishk International University recently hosted a highly successful Visit Your Future event from February 14 to February 16, 2023, for 12th-grade students from various high schools in and outside Erbil city. Organized by the Dean of Students, the event attracted approximately 2,000 students, providing them with an opportunity to explore the university’s academic departments and various university clubs, thereby getting an up-close and personal look at university life. 

The Surveying and Geomatics Engineering Department played a significant role in the program, providing valuable insights into the field. Our department was able to attract many students with our well-planned exhibits. Similarly to the university’s approach, our department also considered offering gifts in a lottery for those who visited our booths.

During the three-day event, students had the opportunity to explore different fields of study and interact with university faculty and students. The Surveying and Geomatics Engineering department put in many efforts to make a powerful impact on the students, providing them with interactive presentations and hands-on activities. The department’s involvement highlighted the exciting career paths that the field offers and the relevance of the discipline in today’s world.

The success of the program was also due to the hard work of student volunteers, the Dean of Students, and our departmental staff. They played a significant role by helping with logistics, guiding students, and providing support throughout the event. On behalf of the Head of Department, we would like to express our profound gratitude and appreciation for the efforts of those involved in making the program a resounding success. It is with deep recognition that we acknowledge their contributions, without which the program would not have been possible, and its objectives would not have been met.

The unwavering commitment and dedication demonstrated by these individuals embody the very spirit of community and collaboration that is at the heart of Tishk International University. Their tireless efforts, unwavering support, and invaluable input were instrumental in ensuring the program’s seamless implementation and success. We remain grateful for their support, and we hope that they will continue to lend their expertise, experience, and passion to future initiatives aimed at advancing the goals and vision of our university.

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As part of the department’s efforts to attract students to their exhibits, they also offered a lottery for visitors, with the chance to win smart watches and smart headphones. At the end of the event, four lucky winners were selected from among the participants.

The Surveying and Geomatics Engineering department congratulates the winners and hopes that the prizes will prove useful in their future academic pursuits. The department also thanks all the students who participated in the lottery and visited their exhibits during the Visit Your Future program. Their interest and enthusiasm are a testament to the value of events like this, which provide students with a glimpse into university life and help them make informed decisions about their future studies.