International Workshop: Interpolation Techniques for Building a Continuous Surface (Map) from Discrete Data

On January 18th, 2023, the Surveying and Geomatics Department, Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University in Erbil, Iraq, organized an International Workshop on Interpolation Techniques for Building a Continuous Surface (Map) from Discrete Data, presented by Professor Dr. Tariq from Tishk International University and Dr. Amed Mamud from Arizona University USA. The workshop encompassed the definition of interpolation, the main types of interpolations, and variants of the kriging method.

History of kriging interpolation, merits, and demerits, of different interpolation methods including IDW, kriging, spline, etc. It aimed at enhancing the knowledge and application of Interpolation in engineering fields and learning to solve certain problems encountered during the Interpolation application. The workshop was started by welcoming participants and introducing the presenter’s biography, and aimed to gather students, and teaching staff of all engineering fields around universities in Kurdistan and the USA interested in interpolation techniques, to explain how Interpolation is the process of estimating unknown values that fall between known values and discuss how Interpolation is the process of using points with known values or sample points to estimate values at other unknown points.

The workshop included the following sessions:

  • 1st session: Interpolation Techniques 
  • 2nd session: Discrete Data

The conference hosted two keynote speakers. Dr. Amed from Arizona university Arizona USA was the first presenter and the second keynote speaker was Prof Dr. Tariq Karim from Tishk International university/ Surveying and Geomatics Engineering.

A remarkable discussion centered around the applications of interpolation in engineering, particularly in the field of surveying was held during the workshop. The event was attended by teaching staff members and students, both in-person and online via Zoom link. Dr. Tariq Karim expressed his pride in organizing such a scientific meeting, as it would enhance participants’ skills and broaden their knowledge in the areas of interpolation and surveying.

The discussion delved into several notable examples of interpolation applications, highlighting their significance and impact on the field of engineering. By bringing together experts and enthusiasts in the field, the event fostered an enriching and informative environment that encouraged active participation and knowledge-sharing.

Through events such as this, the Faculty of Engineering at Tishk International University aims to promote the dissemination of knowledge and encourage ongoing learning and professional development among its students and faculty members.

After participating in this workshop, attendees should be able to:

  1. Justify for performing interpolation.
  2. Familiarize the participants with deterministic and geostatistical types of interpolation methods.
  3. Assumption of each method of interpolation.
  4. Solve examples of applications of interpolation in the field of engineering in general and in the field of surveying in particular.