On 16th of October, Tishk International University, Dean of engineering faculty paid a courtesy visit to Koya University. A delegation of Tishk International University from the engineering faculty have visited Koya University. The main aim of the visit was to strengthen the academic relationship between Tishk International University and Koya University. The delegation discussed the future opportunities of having collaboration in academic studies and activities.

The President of Koya University, welcomed the delegation in his office and expressed his appreciation for the visit. He emphasized that the two universities are very close and can be considered as sister universities. By these means, he mentioned the importance of collaboration in academic activities.

Tishk International delegation also visited the Dean of Engineering Faculty, Mohammed H. S. Zangana, in his office. The discussions were made regarding conferences and academic activities in both universities.  Furthermore, Tishk International delegation invited the academic staff of Koya University to participate in the coming conferences in Tishk International University, International Engineering Conference (IEC) in February, 2018. The delegation put headlines of future academic collaboration which were welcomed by Koya University. Dean of Faculty of Engineering hosted Tishk International delegate with showing their laboratories and made a small presentation for their facilities and laboratory equipment.

Our university delegation consisted of: Prof. Dr. Ahmet Öztaş (Director of International Relations Office), Dr. Selçuk Cankurt (Director of Master Program), and Dr. Halit Vural (Dean of Engineering Faculty).