On 17th of January 2023, the Tamyouz awards distribution ceremony was held in Muscat, Oman. The ceremony was accompanied by 3 days of talks and seminars and trips around the city. Tishk International university participated in the activities.

Tamayouz Excellence Award of the ninth cycle of its Iraqi Graduation Projects Award 2020, which aims to support and recognise excellence in architectural design and education among Iraq’s universities, students and academics.

The winners and honourable mentions were selected out of this year’s 139 submissions, representing 18 Iraqi universities and Iraqi students studying abroad. Selection for the top 10 submissions was made based on the award’s assessment criteria, highlighting projects that are aspirational and transformative, and that tackle local challenges through holistic understandings of context.

Awards :

  • Second place – Noor Karim Khan from Tishik International University – Erbil, supervised by Noman Bayaty
    Noor’s project, ‘Vault House Dormitory’, addresses the growing need within the region for better-equipped and qualified facilities for student housing. Drawing on Robin Dunbar’s theory regarding social development for the average individual, Noor’s project consists of several small residential units that are connected via an abundance of terraces. The vaults symbolise security, as they support the structure of the building, while materials such as concrete blend with more delicate and ornamental materials and features. Throughout the project, there are bicycle lanes which enhance connectivity between the units and the main building. And accounting for the climate in the region, the project’s windows and balconies have wooden perforated screens to help minimise the heat entering the interior spaces, while still allowing in natural light.

  • Third place – Dastan Hasan from Tishik International University – Erbil, supervised by Noman Bayaty
    Dastan’s project, ‘Urban Rehabilitation – City as Museum’, aims to revive a traditional neighbourhood in Erbil called Taajeel and create a connection between the historic buildings within its fabric. Creating a loop that encircles these segments, and replacing one of the old streets with a green corridor, the project hopes to present the neighbourhood as a museum of itself, revealing and connecting the built forms that reflect its history. Throughout, Dastan enlisted familiar architectural forms such as domes, arches and stairs, as well as materials like brick, to create a visual connection between the buildings and to encourage people to continue along the path.

  • The Hisham Munir Award for the Iraqi Academic of the Year 2020
    The Hisham Munir Award (previously known as Supervisor of the Year Award) goes to Noman Bayaty from Tishik International University in Erbil for the supervision, support and encouragement to the second and third prize winners of the Tamayouz Excellence Award for Iraqi Graduation Projects 2020.

  • The Tamayouz Iraqi Architecture School of the year Award
    The Iraqi Architecture School of the Year Award 2020 goes to Tishk International University in Erbil, which is responsible for the Second and Third Prize winning entries.

In later years, the Iraqi graduation project category ceased to exist, and the students started to participate in the (International Graduation Projects), and also received a few places. (Lana Sarkawt) was listed in the Top 50 graduation projects in the world, and (Dania Idrees) was listed in the Top 100 projects for the year 2021, both supervised by (Mr. No’man Bayaty). For the year 2022 (Faten Firas) was listed in the Top 100 projects, also supervised by (Mr. No’man Bayaty).

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