On February 27th, 2019, the Engineering Faculty in collaboration with Science faculty have organized a tremendous event for poster presentation competition. The event included the presentation of tens of posters prepared and designed by first-grade students in different departments of engineering and science faculty. The poster included the view of social and scientific perspectives of student research and data analysis for the Academic debate course. Students presented their work for the staff and students of Tishk International International University (TIU) and for distinguished guests and visitors.

A jury committee was assigned to evaluate the best poster. And also certificates of appreciation were given to the winners.

The event took place in the exhibition area of the 5th floor of the TIU main building. The event aimed to arm the student with presentation skills, debate motivations, and self-confidence. This is, in addition, to build up their research endeavour and seeking gaps in the community and science and present it to the public with considerable conclusions and recommendations.