Graduation Project report template

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Graduation Projects of academic year of 2019-2020

Project Title: Arduino Controlled Mecanum Wheel robot car
Student Names Supervisor Name
Mahmood Yashar Dr. Goran Abdulrahman
Yasmin Sami
Sarab Rubar

Nowadays, robotics is widely used in our daily life application. Therefore, this project based on how to control mecanum well robot by mobile application and Arduino mecanum wheels robot, which is capable of moving in any direction. This robot achieved by using special type of wheels, called mecanum wheels. This robot consists of Arduino mega, DC-motor, motor drive, Li-PO battery, ultrasonic sensor, motor shield. The idea behind this project is to control the robot in distance by mobile application and to move to places in three direction by commands through mobile application the commands are (north, south, east, west, northeast, north-west, southeast, south-west).The mecanum wheel used in some field that have difficulties in turning or carrying large material it will be dangerous if the object to rotate with wheels. This research project proposes a solution to problems mentioned above, by designing and implementing a low-coast and efficient all direction robot car based on the microcontroller and other parts of software and hardware this robot car will recognize the code which is written on mobile application and Arduino and do the motion action. The problem statement of this project is the people who live in disabilities such who are injured in car accident or other problems unable to control robot car this project enables to control the robot car via mobile and the motivation of this project robot car to give three degree of motion to the robot car by its four-mecanum wheel.

Project Title: Design of Arduino Controlled Robotic Arm
Student Names Supervisor Name
Ali Salahadeen Dr. Yasir Hashim
Bawar Khalil
Hussein Mohammed

In the field of technology, robots can contribute many functional operations in the world. This arm can solve many limitations of humans in industrial companies. A six DOF robotic arm has been created. It is controlled by an Arduino Uno microcontroller which receive input signals from the user by a mobile application for wireless controlling. The arm is made up of five rotary joints and an end effector, where rotary motion is provided by the servo motor. Each link has been first designed using Solid Works IDE and then printed by 3-D printer. The assembly of the parts of the mechanical shape of robot and the motors produced the final shape of the arm. The Arduino has been programmed to provide rotation to each servo motor corresponding to the sliders in the mobile application for usage from distance which is created by MIT App Invent or which is a web IDE.

Project Title: Remote Control Robot Using Hand Gesture
Student Names Supervisor Name
Iman Adnan Dr. Goran Abdulrahman
Yousif Talha
Sandy Salam

In recent years, robotics is a demanding technology in the field of science. To increase the use of robots where conditions are not certain such as security operations, robots can be made such that it will follow the instruction of human operator& execute the task. This project describes about the gesture control robot which can be controlled by normal hand gesture. The accelerometer controls the movement of the car. Accelerometers are used to measure the angular displacement of human hand motion. It consists of mainly two parts; one is transmitter part and another is receiver part. The transmitter will transmit the signal according to the position of accelerometer attached on your hand and the receiver will receive the signal and make the robot move in respective direction. Here, the program is designed by using Arduino. Any robot can be controlled by using Arduino, and not only we can control it, but we can use it to do minimum 256 different functions. When the trials and tests carried out were taken into consideration, it turned out that this project proved that it was suitable for the determined objectives and aims, both with the ability to perform the expected movements and the feature of being a mobile robot.

Project Title: Smart Image Compression System
Student Names Supervisor Name
Rozi Jalal Dr. Rand Basil
Trifa Askandar

Data comes in a frame of images and videos in the bigger portion of systems, both will take a colossal space inside the system’s memory and require long time to transmit. As a solution, image handling, such as image compression, will be required to apply on the image in organize to diminish the degree of the image though keeping the starting image’s quality. Nowadays image compression systems can only compress colored or greyscale images, therefore, it takes a lot of bandwidth and time. This research project proposes a solution to the problem mentioned, by implementing a detector which can determine the type of the input image, then apply a suitable compression method for the input image, Huffman compression technique is applied for compressing greyscale images, while JPEG compression method is applied for compressing the colored images.

Project Title: Real Estate Website
Student Names Supervisor Name
Zana Ezat Mr. Muhammed Anwar
Derin Hemn
Yad Nawzad

The Real Estate Web Application is an interactive, effective and revenue-generating Website designed for the Real Estate Industry. The main objective of this application is to help The Real Estate Company to display unlimited number of property listings on the website. These days finding a place for buying or renting is becoming harder and harder because cities in region develop and get bigger day after day, also selling or putting houses, apartments for rent or lands for sale is another problem that people and owners of these properties face. This website is one of best solution that we can provide for everyone in every level of society with fast and accurate results. This website is a central real estate website that is called Amlakino, it is a website that connects people to the real estates or to the owners of properties directly with fast and less profits. People complain about the limitation of real estates because in Kurdistan region real estate work in every neighborhood individually that limits the information of each real estate about other parts of the city. We will show you how our website will help everyone in the following articles.

Project Title: Sport Social Media
Student Names Supervisor Name
Tishk Khalil Dr. Mohammed Mumtaz
Mohammed Bedir

In the present time, fans and team sport needs to have a special area for sport purposes. So many social Medias are trying to help sport organizations and sport supporters, but sometimes they are not enough. This project procedure is creating an application to serve sport fans and sport organizations including athletes, players, fans etc... In this project we have highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of the use of other social Medias that are not specific for sport. The main idea of this project is demonstrating the new established sport social media and the way how it is used.

Project Title: Sound Recognition for Kurdish basic commands
Student Names Supervisor Name
Mohammed Husamaldeen Mr. Mohammed Abdulghani
Abdulbari Yousif
Ali Sarkawt

Nowadays, the sound recognition for Kurdish basic commands have a better sector in life. Then the engineers trying to innovate a trained network for Kurdish basic commands that basic commands can use in a different field in future to make Kurdish people life easier. The project procedure is creating a website for collecting data from different people in different age, gender, overall, the data collected and analyzed each recorded voice in his/her voice clearly. When have the pure data is ready, we have start to work on the network software that there is a strong plan to build it during this year. The main explanation for this project is the common inquiries about the strategy, recognizes the methods to be utilized in it. that have utilized in their search. It gives an overview of research design, population and data collection methods and data analyzed that have used in this research and this project used a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) in MATLAB libraries to recognize the voices. Overall, we conclude that, we train the data then the CNN could recognize the words perfectly, this project taught us that we can get more benefit of CNN for our trained network.

Project Title: Productivity Habit Tracker 
Student Names Supervisor Name
Sanaa Abid Dr. Mohammed Mumtaz
Omer Abbas

Most individuals are often depressed and exhausted with the everyday demands and they do not appear to be motivated to accomplish all the tasks they feel they need to do. A productivity habit tracker designed to help user to be more productive by making a good habit and track them, this project will help peoples to be more productive and managing their times and lives. Productivity habit tracker is our graduations project, our goal was to develop android productivity application and to create new habits for their life and tracking the habits to help users to be more productive. This application is designed in a way that is easy to use, and motivating the user to track their habits and helping them to be more productive. 

Project Title: Online Grocery Online
Student Names Supervisor Name
Aso Amin Mr. Muhammed Anwar
Karwan Khalid
Mustafa Sherko

Grocery shopping in Erbil is still carried out the traditional way .While growing Internet use opened more opportunities for global expansion, implementation is still more in the form of physical expansion through openings of new grocery stores and acquisitions. Although individual groceries are mostly national. This business model is intended to provide an online platform connecting the general public customers with the producers of groceries and food products such as fruits, vegetables, meat and dairy products. The producers are selected based on their category. The online grocery is not accepted as other online shopping’s such online library or online car shopping, forth more there is hundred websites which help shoppers to show goods to costumers, also help costumers to buy or watch the goods which are available to buy and know the quality of them. grocery online has another advantage which the website can give the costumers report about monthly or weekly shopping’s .groceries are one of the most difficult objects to sell online; material flows are different from information flows, the number of frequent customers is large, the shopping basket may contain many items, and very critical delivery systems may be required . Furthermore, online grocery shopping is anchored in local contexts and environments.

Project Title: IoT Based Irrigation System for Watering Plant
Student Names Supervisor Name
Khanda Zana Dr. Saman Mirza
Vana Fakhrulddin
Orfa Jihad

The population in the world is on the rise, exerting pressure on the demand for water both domestic and irrigation. In Iraq’s agricultural sector, water can be considered a critical need to ensure future food security. However, the rapidly increasing demand for water for both domestic and industrial consumption, as well as increased concern environmental quality has created a challenge. A number of studies show that, irrigation is increasingly becoming important because the groundwater is gradually is being depleted. Thus, there is need to plan adequately. The purpose of this project is to develop an Arduino Based Irrigation System for Watering Plant. It is expected that, this project will harness the following benefits; (1) increase the production of food using an automatic irrigation system; (2) manage the supply of water for effective cultivation of plants and; (3) minimise wastage of water in the irrigation systems. In order to realise the objectives, quantitative surveys have been used to collect data from a sample of 20 farmers in the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

Project Title: Finger Print Desigin Using Arduino For Secure Safe 
Student Names Supervisor Name
Sheren Tofik Dr. Goran Abdulrahman
Gulan Yousif

Security has always been a major concern for the households and the office environment, and for this concern various approaches are in place to address the problem. Most of the major door lock security systems have several loopholes which could be broken down to gain access to the desired places, and it creates a concern for a secure lifestyle and proper working environment. Additionally, terrorism and unauthorized access to places have become a major issue now-a-days, and there is a need for a secure system to prevent unauthorized access especially in shared access environment. With this consideration, a design and prototype of a biometric fingerprint-based door lock system has been presented in this paper. Biometric systems such as fingerprint provide tools to enforce reliable logs of system transactions and protect an individual’s right to privacy. This report discusses on the door safe system using Arduino. Arduino is a type of microcontroller. This is an Arduino UNO device based flexible working device that provides physical security using the fingerprint sensor technology. It has its own electronic prototyping platform to be used during experiment. This project has features as inputs, which is fingerprint scanner. While the outputs is, LCD display Interfacing all inputs and outputs with Arduino produced accurate results in accessing the door based on the accuracy results obtained by performing.. This project is reliable as it could increase the security level of door safe system by implementing simple approach as Arduino create the safe to open the door and show display.

Project Title: Design of Arduino based RFID system for tool gate
Student Names Supervisor Name
Ahmed Salah Dr. Yasir Hashim

RFID is a non-contact, automatic identification technology that uses radio signals to identify, track, sort and detect a variety of objects including people, vehicles, goods and assets without the need for direct contact or line-of-sight contact (as found necessary in bar code technology). RFID technology can track movement of objects through a network of radio-enabled scanning devices over a distance of several meters. A device called RFID tag, or simply a tag, is a key component of the technology. These are actively used in RFID based access control systems implemented in offices all around.