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Take your programming skills to the next level and prove your excellence by learning how to succeed in Tishk International Programming Contest (IPC).

In 2018, the Computer Engineering Department considered the needs to enhance the problem solving and programming skills of its students. Consequently, the Computer Engineering Department in collaboration with Information Technology Department annually conduct a local Tishk International Programming Contest (IPC) among its undergraduate students in April. IPC is a step towards further enforcing the commitment of Tishk International University, for the development of Computer Engineering, Information Technology, and related fields. As a distinctive event, it is focused on providing a platform for students to improve and demonstrate their problem solving and programing skills.

The IPC is a team contest. It pits teams of two with one computer against a host of problems in a limited time-frame. Typically, 4 or more problems are posed with five hours to solve. These problems can generally be solved by careful analysis and application of algorithms taught in undergraduate studies. The IPC follows the rules similar to the International Programming Contests.

Tishk International Programming Contest (IPC) focuses on competitive programming challenges for freshman and sophomore students of Computer Engineering and IT Department, where students compete by trying to program according to provided specifications. IPC’s programming challenges can be solved in a variety of programming languages (including Java, C++, …) and span multiple computer science domains.

Besides improving your knowledge of algorithms and programming languages, you’ll gain unique experience in problem solving, thinking outside the box and meeting tough deadlines – all essential for boosting your value as a programmer.

This contest is organized by Computer Engineering Department in collaboration with Information Technology Department of Tishk International University.

In the IPC, our contestants have 6 hours in which to write working solutions (in C++ or Java) to about 4 programming problems. We score by the number of correct solutions, breaking ties on the basis of the total time required to complete the correct submissions and the number of incorrect submissions.

Contest Date: Monday, 14.05.2018

For more information contact

  • Ms. Israa Nazhat (Computer Engineering Dept.)
  • Mr. Rebin Mohammed (IT Dept.)
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  • The benefits of participating in programming contests
  • The algorithms and approaches you need to master programming contests
  • Ways of self-training for further progress
  • Enhance students’ problem solving and programming skills.
  • Enhance students’ ability to solve real life problems as a team in competitive environment.
  • Strengthen students-faculty relationship.
  • Expose students to get acquainted with international programming contest environment.
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  • Understand and analyze problem.
  • Identify and design an appropriate solution.
  • Practice the current programming environments.
  • Apply principles, theories, and algorithms studied in undergraduate courses.
  • Cooperate effectively as a team.
  • Improve their programming skills through interaction with coaches.
  • Compete in national and international programming contests.
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Winners will be awarded and will get certificates


These rules and procedures may be modified and/or extended right up to the time of the contest. Our contest rules are based on the rules used for the international programming contests, though there are differences because the student level and experience are not the same.

  • Every undergraduate student of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade (Computer Engineering and IT) in Tishk International University is eligible.
  • Teams are comprised of minimum and up to 3 members. The three students must come from the same grade and department.
  • Students must register for the contest.
  • There is only one computer workstation per team (whether it’s one student or two).
  • The IPC takes 4 to 6 hours
  • Students may use hard-copy (paper or book) reference material or soft-copy (electronic) reference material.
  • Solutions can be coded in Java (Eclipse IDE) or C++ (Microsoft Visual Studio IDE) on lab computers.
  • Programs read from the standard input (“the keyboard”) and write to the standard output (“the screen”). In our warmup practice contest, we use two simple problems and their sample solutions in each of the supported languages.
  • No calculators, audio devices or video devices are permitted. The Windows calculator accessory may be used if a calculator is required for any reason.
  • No communication is permitted between teams or between teams and teachers/coaches, once the contest has started. Also, students are not permitted access to outside resources via a web browser or e-mail during the contest.
  • Solutions are submitted electronically, and to be accepted a submitted program must produce the right output values in the correct format, for each of the sample input data files. Program code itself is not read and not evaluated in any way. Input test data files used by the judges may (and usually will) include data that the teams have not seen.
  • A solution that is not accepted as correct will be rejected. Students may resubmit the code as many times as they want until they get the correct answer.
  • The winner is determined by most problems solved, with ties broken by total time taken.
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Registration for IPC 2018 is open. You can register by filling the form below.

It will close on May 3rd, 2018. Please note that we are never set up to accept registrations on the day of the contest.

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